Helicopter Walk Around: LAF SA-342L Gazelle

A set of 25 photos of L-915, the Lebanese Air Force SA-342L Gazelle of the 8th Squadron:

Photos taken at SMES 2011 in Beirut:

LAFSA342 9600 LAFSA342 9607 LAFSA342 9608 LAFSA342 9609 LAFSA342 9611 LAFSA342 9612 LAFSA342 9613 LAFSA342 9615 LAFSA342 9617 LAFSA342 9618 LAFSA342 9620 LAFSA342 9621 LAFSA342 9622 LAFSA342 9624 LAFSA342 9626 LAFSA342 9629 LAFSA342 9633 LAFSA342 9634 LAFSA342 9635 LAFSA342 9761 LAFSA342 9793 LAFSA342 9807 LAFSA342 9813 LAFSA342 9820 LAFSA342 9823

Photos Credits: Chadi RACHID (A cheerful thanks to the Lebanese Air Force officers and crew around the helicopters for their kindness)


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