Military Vehicles in Lebanon 1975-1981

The military vehicle historian Samer Kassis is back. After the tremendous book “30 years of military vehicles in Lebanon 1975-2005”, a bible for Middle East military vehicles fans, the author is back with a new concept of reference book series. The first issue of this new detailed series is “Military Vehicles in Lebanon 1975-1981” covering the vehicles used during the first stage of the Lebanese civil war.

The types of vehicles covered in the book varies from light vehicles such as the Hotchkiss M201 to tanks such as the Sherman M50 operated by all the belligerents related to this period of time. The majority of the photos has never been published before.

The book contains 184 photos including 14 in colors disseminated on 88 pages and published by Trevia Publishing.

Here are some photo samples of what can be found in this book:

More on this book can be found on Samer Kassis Facebook page.

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