French Army Archives

The ECPAD is the French Army center for multimedia archives. Thousands of photos covering the middle east area are available for sale, the Lebanese conflict being one of the best covered department in those archives. As a customer and regular visitor of the Fort , I can only express my satisfaction with what can be found there. Here are some photo samples of what the center proposes, also found on their website.

A USMC MNF M151A2 TOW in Beirut, September 1982.

A Franch MNF AML-90 of the 1rst RHP (Régiment de Hussards Parachutistes), Beirut September 1982.

A French MNF Hotchkiss M201 of the 8th RPIMa (Régiment Parachutiste d'Infanterie de Marine) and a Lebanese Army M113A2 in the background, Tabaris, Beirut September 1982.

A Lebanese Army outpost in Beirut in September 1982, the vehicles are Staghounds with AEC turret.

ECPAD website:

MNF Mules

Since we are into MNF this week, here’s a couple more photos of French trucks during Operation DIODON 1982-1983:


A French Regiment d'Infanterie de Marine MNF GMC CCKW-353 in Beirut suburbs, 1982.


A French MNF Saviem/Renault SM8 truck in Jeanne d'Arc street, Hamra sector, Beirut 1983.


Eyewitness Report

An interesting article to read is the excellent eyewitness report found on Pierre Bayle’ s blog about key dates in the modern history of Lebanon. The author’s personal journal covers a period of time between the 14th of September 1982 till the 11th of October of the same year. The journalist exposes the facts which happened those days as well as his personal experience. The text is supported by a very nice number of photos taken within this period. Some of them are the following:

A remnant of the Battle of Beirut, a toyota Land Cruiser BJ43 armed with an SPG-9 belonging to a Lebanese Leftist militia

IDF Magachs in Ain El Maraysseh sector next to the Hotels.

IDF Merkava Is in front of the PLO offices in Beirut.

Another view of the same vehicles

An IDF M579 and Bardehlas in front of Cadmos Hotel, Ain El Maraysseh sector

Another IDF Bardehlas

An IDF Bardehlas next to the Lebanese Ministry of tourism, Hamra sector.

IDF vehicles in Beirut Seaport, note the rarely seen M725 Ambulance. A Pikoud and an M151A2 can be seen on this picture.

An M113 of the Italian Battaglione San Marco of the Multinational Force in Lebanon.

An Italian Bergeleopard 1 of the MNF

French VABs of the UNIFIL/MNF in Beirut.

When an Italian Fiat AR76 Campagnola meets a French Hotchkiss M201 in Beirut.

An US Marines M274 Mule of the MNF

A US Marines LVTP-7A1 of the MNF

A Lebanese ISF Harley Davidson FLH next to French MNF troops.

Lebanese Army M113 next to the old Moscow Narodny Bank building, Hamra sector.

Other views of the same Lebanese Army convoy. Vehicles are M35s, Dodge D600 and M113s


A Lebanese Army M113 of the same convoy

Lebanese Army M113 of a Defense Brigade in the Ring sector.

A Lebanese Army Dodge D600 truck

the URL of Pierre Bayle’s blog is :

Other pages of his blog covers the Iran-Iraq war in 1980 as well as the First Gulf war in 1991 with magnificent photos as well.

A 27 years come back?

Recently announced was the donation by the Italian government of  a number of military vehicles to the Lebanese Army. According to local Lebanese medias these vehicle would be Fiat AR76 Campagnola. The vehicle was used by the Italian Army from the mid 1970s till the mid 1990s. The vehicle was already used in Beirut by the Italcon between 1982 and 1984 during the Multinational Forces mission in Lebanon

Here are some Italcon Campagnolas in Beirut in the 1980s:

An Armored version and a standard AR76.

Armored version AR76s and a US Marines M151A2.

By 2008 , a new Fiat Campagnola appeared on the military market under the designation of the Iveco Massif:

The Militarized Iveco Massif shown at Eurosatory 2008.