Arab Revolts & Revolutions: the Treasures of Misratah

In its January issue of Assaut Magazine Yves Debay grants us with extraordinary photos of Libyan pearls. Every military hardware aficionado would live it as a revelation the fact of turning the pages of the article dedicated to the vehicles found by Debay in Misratah. With each page bringing surprises, the only wish is the publication of a special issue on the vehicles in Libya.

In this Issue can be found in Libya vehicles not only the now usual T-72, T-62, T-55 tanks and other BMP-1 and Palmarias but also EE-9 Cascavel, MT-LB and a BTR-60 with MRLS, the surprises being EE-11 Urutu, Steyr 4K FA G 127, SK 105 Kurassier, Ferret and most inetersting modified M113 SPGs supporting D-30 122mm guns.

Here are some sample pages of the article:

From Tripoli to Tripoli

From Tripoli Libya to Tripoli Lebanon, Assaut Magazine grants us with two articles related to middle eastern military hardware.

The first article by Yves Debay is related to the Fall of  Tripoli in Libya to the TNC fighters, the author describing what he saw there joining to that a number of stunning photos of T-72s, Shilkas, BMPs and other technicals. The author also pays a visit to the former elite brigade barracks, the 32nd Brigade knonwn as the Khamis bridade, giving a report on the situation on the ground. Also found in this article a description of the remnants of the Libyan Navy.

The second article by Samer Kassis is related to the clashes that occured last June in Bab et Tebbaneh, Tripoli, Lebanon. The article is rich in photos related to the Lebanese Army 4th Intervention Regiment VABs and with other vehivles such as M998s, M113s, CUCV and T-54.

Here are some sample pages ofthese two articles:

Arab Revolts & Revolutions: Through the eyes of Yves Debay

Someone can’t talk or look at about Arab Revolutions military vehicles without thinking about Yves Debay works. This man, one of the most famous war photographer of our time, is always ready for new challenges on the first lines of today’s conflicts. After having granted us with outstanding photos from the Georgian conflict in 2008, here he is, back on the front, on three of the latest Arab Revolutions scenery: Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.

His newest coverage wasn’t as easy as a touristic trip, Debay being shot at and wounded in Egypt and having some bad times in Libya. The results are a bunch of gorgeous photos published in three must have issues of his French magazine ASSAUT. Everybody knows that these photos are the emerging part of an iceberg of photos hopefully to be published on day in dedicated books.

The three photo reports cover a quantity of vehicles such as M1 Abrams, M60s, t-72s, T-55, M113s, SK-105s, technicals and other…

The three issues are:

March 2011

April 2011

May 2011

Courtesy of Assaut magazine.

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