Nahr El Bared Battle Helicopters.

The Nahr El Bared Battle in 2007 witnessed a heavy usage of helicopters by the Lebanese Armed Forces. The types used were mainly the ones the Lebanese Air Force had available at that time :

  • The Robinson Raven R44 used as fighting assistance helicopters
  • The Aerospastiale SA-342 Gazelle used as ground attack helicopters.
  • The UH-1H used as Casualty evacuation and Bomber helicopters.


The Idea of using the Huey as a bomber wasn’t a new thing but the Lebanese Army showed some nice skills in converting a transport helicopter into a bomber. A very fine article on the Huey bomber can be found on Vatche Mitilian’s website on

The Following photos are originally Lebanese Air Force photos now available on the net:


The Raven II:


The Robinson R-44 Raven II used as fighting assistance helicopter during the battle.


The Gazelle:


An ex-UAE SA-342 Gazelle still in it's desert camouflage is being unloaded from an Ant-124 on it's arrival to Beirut in 2007.
A Gazelle charging on Nahr El Bared camp.


The Huey:

A Lebanese Air Force UH-1H during testing phases and experiments.

The Locally made LAF-GS-ER2 250Kg Bomb.


The locally made LAF-GS-ER3 400kg Bomb


French T-200 400 kg bombs waiting to be loaded.


A Lebanese Air Force UH-1H used as Casualty evacuation




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