Time Travel: Tyre Barracks in 1982/83 (through the eyes of a peacekeeper)

The 1982 remnants of Lebanese Army FV 4101 Charioteer tank destroyers rusting under the sun since 1978. These tanks were used by the Arab Lebanese Army in clashes against the IDF in 1978. Both types of 20-pounder gun can be seen on these Charioteers.
A Lebanese Army KrAZ-255B remnants can be seen on this photo.
A IDF M3 Pikoud seen in the Tyre barracks vicinity.
A UNIFIL DutchBatt DAF YP408 in Tyre, 1982.
An IDF M325 Patrol in Tyre barracks vicinity.


A Lebanese Army Charioteer looking like standing guard for ex-Lebanese Army Sherman Firefly. Both types of Sherman Firefly can be seen here.


Lebanese Army Soldiers in front of M35 trucks, Tyre barracks 1982.


Photo Credits: hein van houten/Flickr

3 thoughts on “Time Travel: Tyre Barracks in 1982/83 (through the eyes of a peacekeeper)

  1. I was there with the 44th Irish Battalion in 1978. Each UNIFIL contingent had to provide (in turn) a guard detachment for one month to prevent the barracks from being used by the PLO. Irishbat had to guard it in December. While we were there the IDF bombed the city from the sea and air and the PLO took up positions beside the barracks and fired anti aircraft guns at the planes obviously this was a futile effort as the planes either launched their missiles from very high altitude or very far from the targets. Plus, Israeli gunboats fired missiles from various offshore positions. While this was happening many civilians (mostly women and children) were allowed to enter the barracks for protection.

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