Type 75 (BJ212) in Libya

The Type 75 105mm recoilless gun is a Chinese made vehicle mounted on a Beijing BJ212 lightweight vehicle. This forgotten vehicle came back to light with the Libyan Revolution where it was used especially by the Libyan NTC fighters. A number of these vehicles were taken from the Gaddafi Libyan Army or more commonly from the large unused military stocks the country had.

NTC fighters riding a Type 75 (BJ212) in Bin Jawwad, March 31, 2011. (Nasser Nouri/Xinhua Press)


NTC Type 75 (BJ212) vehicles heading for Brega, March 31, 2011. (Bryan Denton/NYT)
A Libyan NTC Type 75 (BJ212) in Benghazi, April 2011.
Former Libyan Army Type 75 (BJ212) vehicles in Benghazi waiting to be repaired and put back to NTC service. May 11, 2011.
Libyan NTC fighters with a Type 75 (BJ212) during the fall of Tripoli.
A Libyan NTC fighters Type 75 (BJ212) in Tripoli, September 2011. "Al-Sha3b Al-Mousala7" meaning "The Armed People" can be seen on the bumper,



2 thoughts on “Type 75 (BJ212) in Libya

  1. Marvelous posts…But, Can you please tell us what is the meaning of those numbers ( LIKE 3 & 7 )that are included in your Arabic ( or English written ) sentences and how they are pronouced..With much respect, this figured several times.

    1. When Arabic words are written in roman letters, the numbers represents Arabic letters missing from the Latin alphabet. It is widely used by Arabic speaking people using text messaging communication or instant messaging. The number 3 replaces for the Arabic ʿAyn ع and the number 7 Arabic ḥāʾ ح. As for the other numbers, the 2 is for ء, the 5 is for خ , the 6 is for ط , the 9 is for ق.

      Best Regards,

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