Joint Maneuvers between French and Lebanese Armies

From January 29 to February 2, 2013, the  infantry company of the French FCR (Force Commander Reserve) was deployed in the eastern sector of the UNIFIL area of ​​operation, within the Indonesian battalion.

During five days, sections of the 2ecompagnie du Régiment de Marche du Tchad (RMT) conducted joint patrols with Lebanese, Spanish and Indonesian soldiers allowing the FCR to perfect its knowledge of the area of ​​operation. Technical instructions, presentations and shooting equipment also punctuated schedule of the Marsouins which were able to try the US M4 carbine.

French and Malaysian soldiers next to French UNIFIL VBCI, Peugeot P4 and VBL vehicles.
A joint patrol composed of a Lebanese Army Land Rover Defender 90 pickup and a French UNIFIL VBCI.
FCR ind
A joint patrol composed of French UNIFIL VBL armoured vehicles and an INDOBATT Mitsubishi L200 (TNI).
French and Malaysian soldiers exchanging skills.

Source: Ministère de la Defense/TNI


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