Goodbye BMR, Welcome LMV Lince

Thursday September 27, 2012

Nearly fifty units of the Lightweight Multipurpose Vehicle (LMV) Lince sail for Lebanon on board the “Camino Español” transport ship to join the UNIFIL to replace the BMR-600 APC who have been used by the Spanish troops deployed in the country of the cedars so far.

On September 25, the Iveco LMV Lince vehicles were loaded at the port of Valencia by the Chief of Staff Logistics Support to Operations, which is responsible for the screening of the material. The vehicles were prepared to participate in a peacekeeping mission, painted in white and and have been fitted with the media and telecommunications, and related weaponry.

In Lebanon the vehicles will be received by the Logistics Unit XVII. However, the release of these vehicles on the field will be the star of th next contingent that will take over in November, the Mechanized Infantry Brigade “Guzmán el Bueno” X which will be part of rotation XVIII, whose drivers have been instructed in their use.

By sending these “Lince”, the Spanish troops completes the deployment of the total area of ​​operations that were delivered in 2011 with the RG-31, except those who remain in country for teaching work and preparation.

The LMV already been proven in demanding missions as security and adaptation to the terrain like Afghanistan, which come to Lebanon with all guarantees. This is a more modern and safe vehicle, and requires less crew than the BMR.

However, not all BMR will be returned to country, but some will remain deployed, although the number of missions assigned to them will be less.

Spanish Army Iveco LMV Lince getting onboard for sailing and being used by the UNIFIL in Lebanon. The Iveco LMV is now used in Lebanon by the Italian, the Belgian and the Spanish armies.

Source: Ministerio de Defensa


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