Securing The Artillery

By the end of August 2012 the Libyan military authorities decided to move the artillery depot from the Souk ElAhad military base in Tarhounah to a secured undisclosed area. This decision was taken after a series of skirmishes that happened around the base between rival armed groups fighting in order to take over the depot and supply the illegal arms market. A photo report from the Facebook page of the Libyan Ministry of Interior Higher Security Commission grants us with some nice photos of extremely rare vehicles. Here are some of these photos:

A Libyan Army 2S1 Gvozdika and a Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series technical armed with a ZU-23-2
Libyan Army Palmaria SPGs
Libyan Army Palmaria SPGs waiting to be loaded on tank transporters.
Libyan Army 1v13 Artillery Observation vehicles and an MT-LB

A Libyan Army 152mm SpGH DANA
Libyan Army 2S1 Gvozdika
A Libyan Army RM-70 MRL. The slogan on the door means “Victory or Death”
Libyan Army M-46 130 mm guns.
Libyan Army BM-11 mounted on Isuzu TW truck.
A Libyan Army Scud-B MAZ-543 (9P117) Launcher. “Direction of Artillery and Missiles” can be read in Arabic on the vehicle side.


Libyan Army BM-21 MRLs
A Libyan Army BM-11 and a DANA.

A Libyan Army M109.

Libyan Army 2S3 Akatsiya SPGs.

An interesting photo of a Libyan Army M49A2C fuel tank mounted on an Isuzu TW truck.

Libyan Army Toyota Tundra technicals with ZPU-2 and a BM-11



Source: SSCTRIPOLI Facebook page

More on the Libyan army M109 and DANA can be found here and here.



















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