Malaysian VAB NG soon in Lebanon

From another WordPress blog Here Comes The VAB NG 6×6:

Perajurit magazine unveils several photos taken while the Malaysian Army representative conducting tests on Renault VAB NG 6×6 APC. The VAB NG (New Generation) also known as the Mk 3 is the latest generation of French built VAB APC that has been introduced in 1976.

The APC was tested to determine its suitability for possible usage in peacekeeping operations currently conducted by two Malaysian peacekeeping contingent under the auspices of UN chartered UNIFIL mission.

Since then, the APC has been inducted into service by 15 other states including Brunei and Indonesia. The Indonesian has developed a copy of such APC known as the APS-3 Anoa 6×6 APC. The PINDAD build APC is currently in service with TNI-AD as well as the Indonesian peacekeeping force in Lebanon.

Nevertheless, the VAB NG 6×6 is by comparison far more capable than the Anoa. If the test gave a positive result, the VAB NG 6×6 APC could replace the 32 Radpanzer Condor 4×4 APC currently deployed to Lebanon to support Malaysian operation there. These Condors were used for mounted patrol as well as main transport for the Quick Reaction Force (QRF).

The acquisition cost of these new APC will be beared by the United Nation and shall be reimbursed at later stage. Beside the Condor 4×4 APC, other vehicle used by the Malaysian peackeepers in Lebanon are RG-31 Nyala 4×4 MRAP vehicle (on loan from the UN), Land Rover, DEFTECH Handalan 3 tonne truck, AMDAC truck, Polaris ATV as well as Gomba Stonefield vehicle.


Original article may be found here


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