The Finns are Back!

Peacekeeping equipment leaves for UN Lebanon mission

22.04.2012 14:12

A ship bearing vehicles and equipment for Finnish participation in the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), left the port of Rauma in south west Finland early Sunday morning.

The vessel, which is bound for Beirut, was loaded Saturday with armoured personnel carriers and other equipment.

The vessel reportedly left on schedule shortly after midnight Saturday night.

Altogether some 50 armoured personnel carriers or trailers and 55 containers containing equipment were loaded for the three-week trip to Beirut.

An advance group of peacekeepers will leave for Lebanon in one week, while the main group of about 177 Finnish peacekeepers will deploy in mid-May.

The peacekeepers will form part of a battalion under Irish command and will be stationed in southern Lebanon.

FINNBATT Sisu Patria Pasi XA-185 APC, Sisu E13TP 8x8 trucks and Sisu E11T 8x8 trucks with armored cab ready to be shipped to Lebanon.

FINNBATT Mercedes-Benz G series in waiting.

Source: yle


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