Brazilian Eyes

A wonderful photo report made by the Brazilian BASE MILITAR Web Magazine on the Marinha do Brasil União Frigate under UNIFIL Maritime Task Force colors. The report is full with photos of Air, Land and Sea crafts.

Here are some of the photos found in the articles:

The Lebanese Navy Willard Marine Sea Force 11m Standard Navy Rigid Inflatable Boat (SN RIB/RHIB):

The Lebanese Navy Attacker Class Patrol Boats “Trablous”:

Lebanese Army 1rst Artillery Regiment M998:

The Lebanese Republican Guard Chevrolet Suburban 2500:

The UNIFIL Aviação Naval Brasileira Westland Super Lynx Mk.21A/AH-11A:

Photo Credits: Felipe Medeiros/Felipe Salles/Riccardo Ferri

Much more photo can be found in the two original articles: A aventura da União no Mediterrâneo oriental  & UNIFIL Maritime Task Force – O Brasil como ‘player’ no Oriente Médio


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