Field Artillery Deployment

The French 1er Régiment d’Artillerie de Marine (1er RAMa) lead a combined artillery exercise in Lebanon with a main objective: Standardizing artillery firing protocols between UNIFIL allied armies.
Every month, the CAESAR sub-Battle Group, the SGTA-4, leads artillery exercises to the benefit of various UNIFIL contingents. This sub-Battle Group belonging to the Force Commander Reserve (FCR) is used by the French Army first Navy Artillery Regiment (1er RAMa) since October 2011. This type of exercise called “Field Artillery Deployment (FAD)” was also held in December 2011 with the Indonesian and Italian battalions.
For three days, the two sections of the SGTA-4 presented their equipment, their modus operandi and their methods to their peers from the UNIFIL.



Source: Ministère de la Défense

Photos Credits: Ministère de la Défense & Le blog du 1er régiment d’artillerie de marine



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