Land Rover in Libya

A Free Libyan Army Land Rover Defender with recoilless gun on the Ajdabiah front, June 22, 2011.(REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El-Ghany)
A Libyan NTC convoy of technicals including a Land Rover Defender 110 armed with a Type 63 multiple rocket launcher followed by a ZX Auto/Tayo Auto Grandhiland armed with a 73mm 2A28 Grom gun taken from a BMP-1. The third vehicle is a 4th generation Mitsubishi L-200 armed with an MRLS.
The same convoy of Libyan NTC vehicles with the Land Rover Defender 110 w/Type 63 MRL. The technical belongs to the Hurricane Katiba.
A Libyan NTC Land Rover Series III LWB armed with a KPV. The vehicle in the background is probably a Ford F350 armed with an MRLS.

Photo Credits: Original Authors.


2 thoughts on “Land Rover in Libya

  1. NOT a Defender 90, it’s a Defender 110. It’s hard to see the length of the vehicle, but the profile of the rear diff shows it’s a Salisbury type, only used on 110s.

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