From Tripoli to Tripoli

From Tripoli Libya to Tripoli Lebanon, Assaut Magazine grants us with two articles related to middle eastern military hardware.

The first article by Yves Debay is related to the Fall of  Tripoli in Libya to the TNC fighters, the author describing what he saw there joining to that a number of stunning photos of T-72s, Shilkas, BMPs and other technicals. The author also pays a visit to the former elite brigade barracks, the 32nd Brigade knonwn as the Khamis bridade, giving a report on the situation on the ground. Also found in this article a description of the remnants of the Libyan Navy.

The second article by Samer Kassis is related to the clashes that occured last June in Bab et Tebbaneh, Tripoli, Lebanon. The article is rich in photos related to the Lebanese Army 4th Intervention Regiment VABs and with other vehivles such as M998s, M113s, CUCV and T-54.

Here are some sample pages ofthese two articles:

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