Live-Fire Exercise in Aqoura for the Maghaweer Regiment (1)

A live-fire exercise in the Aqoura region was set yesterday by the Commando (Maghaweer) Regiment in conjunction with other units such as the 6th Mechanized Brigade, the 2nd Artillery Regiment, the Anti-Tank Battalion, the Engineer Regiment and the Air Force.

Several vehicles and aircraft were used in that exercise among them the T-55, T-55 w/KMT, M113, M113 w/ZPU-2, M113 w/ZPU-4, M825, BM-21 on Ural and M35 trucks, M998, M998 Command, M292, VAB,  M1151, Gazelle and Huey helicopters.

Note that this exercise witnessed the first usage of the new M1151 HMMWV by the Maghaweer Regiment.

An overview of the Live-fire exercise held by the Lebanese Army in Aqoura.

Photo Source: Lebanese Army website

More Coverage photos to be posted later on


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