Military Ambulance (2)

Another little photo gift from Georges Jarjoura featuring an M106 Ambulance.

Goerges climbing on a Lebanese Army M106 Ambulance during a summer camp in september 2004.

3 thoughts on “Military Ambulance (2)

  1. How do you know it’s an m-106 and not an m-125
    I don’t see on the left side a place for a baseplate on this m-106?

    1. Interesting remark Ziad, indeed there are no baseplate on the left side. It can prove it’s an M125 but I chose to believe it’s an M106 since the mortar cover found on the M125 isn’t appearing here either. Moreover I haven’t seen any M125 converted Ambulance yet., maybe there are but I have no clues on this subject. Also it appears that the Lebanese Army M125 is still used as a mortar carrier like the one seen last June during the Bab el Tebbaneh clashes. Anyway without any photos about the roof of that vehicle I cann’t definitely identify it as an M125.

      1. i didnt know they are still using the m-125 as a mortar carrier as i havent seen photos since the souk-el gharb battles

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