LAF Newest VABs

A ceremony was held on June 22 in the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) headquarters in Naqoura for the 8 VAB APCs donated by the French authorities.

The VAB donation to the LAF consisted of 8 vehicles that was in use with the FRENCHBATT in the period prior the 2006 conflict. Those vehicles which served under the United Nations colors throughout the 90s and 2000s got a specified characteristic: they are all equipped with searchlights.

The 8 ex-UNIFIL Frenchbatt VAB during the ceremony. Note the AML-90 and the ex-Norbatt M113 diplayed in front the monument for the UNIFIL War Memorial.

A Frenchbatt VAB in Naqoura, August 25, 2006. PayamBorazjani/Maanimage
A Frenchbatt VAB in Tyre, August 2007.

2 thoughts on “LAF Newest VABs

  1. Hello Chad,

    I like the AML-90 in the background of the first photograph. Is it part of this delivery batch? Anyway, does the French Army still use this equipment today?


    1. Hello Nabil,

      The AML-90 isn’t part of the delivery batch, neither the M113, the are part of the War Memorial of the Naqoura UNIFIL Headquarters. As for the use of the AML-90 by the French Army, the answer is not anymore, the French Army uses the ERC 90 Sagaie instead.

      Take Care,

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