Lebanese MiG-29 Offer Refusal: A possible explanation.


Seen on Algerian Newspaper website a couple of weeks ago, here is an interesting article that could explain the Lebanese authority refusal for Russia’s MiG-29 Offer:



“The Counter-espionage DRS against the footsteps of the Mossad

Written by L. M.DZ/El Khabar

Russia expelled Vadim Liederman, the military attaché at the Israeli embassy in Moscow for espionage, Wednesday, May 18 evening. The military attaché and representative of the Israeli Ministry of Defense in Russia, also Colonel of the Israeli armed forces, was arrested last week by the Russian authorities on suspicion of “espionage,” an official statement. Vadim Liederman was arrested in a cafe in Moscow, accompanied by a Russian officer. “He was suspected by the Russians to deal with several local agents.”

The case may seem trivial for ordinary Algerians. Yet it is far from being as simple as that. Information was not unknown to the intelligence and security department of Algeria, on the alert for quite some time. She led the sleuths of the department of espionage against to reopen the case of 15 fighter aircraft Mig 29 SMT, returned in 2008, especially in Russia and Russian federal authorities asked for clarification on the spy Vadim Liederman and network ‘Israeli spy in Russia, the daily El Khabar, in its edition today.

Sukhoi and MiG 29 in sight. After investigation, it was shown that the service of the Israeli Mossad had a hand in the transmission device data of these fighters. Manipulations that would have allowed the Israeli intelligence services to obtain any information or movements of the Mig 29 for use by Algerian pilots. Not only. Services-intelligence against Algerians have asked federal authorities through diplomatic channels, still reveals El Khabar, the volume of sensitive information that the spy may have collected on arms destined for Algeria. It is becoming increasingly clear that Israel is very interested in weapons contracts awarded by the Ministry of Defence with Russia. As the modernization of the fleet or naval fighter aircraft Mig 29 and Sukhoi Su-30.

Highly sensitive information. Available information indicates that the long investigation was ongoing for several months, it has led to the discovery of this spy introduced into the Russian military-industrial complex of the Israeli network, which decided to expel the Russian spy, covered by diplomatic immunity. The cons-Russian espionage had concluded that the task of Vadim Liederman was to try to obtain information on transactions concluded by Algeria with Russia on the Sukhoi 30 and the air defense system type Baensteir face. Letout is to know the degree of infiltration of this network in groups such as Russian Irkut. Finally, according to the latest information, security experts Algerian struggle against spyware, opened a communication channel with the Russian authorities to determine the security information systems, weapons that were imported from Algeria Russia over the last six years and that could have been disclosed to the Israeli spy. In addition, the Algerian intelligence service discovered, according to El Khabar that highly sensitive information on missiles purchased from European suppliers came into the hands of Israeli intelligence.

Remember that Algeria had insisted in 2009 with the Russian federal authorities to strengthen monitoring and protecting the flow of arms to Algeria. In his obsession with security, Israel is also interested always in the Russian military complex, since it is the official supplier to neighboring Syria, Iran and Lebanese Hizbollah in turn.”



Translated by Google,

Original article can be found here: http://www.lematindz.net/news/4420-le-contre-espionnage-du-drs-sur-les-traces-du-mossad.html


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