Syrian KrAZ trucks

A couple of Syrian Army KrAZ 255B in Lebanon some years ago:

Two Syrian Army KrAZ 255B trucks on the Beirut-Damascus highway, March 2005.
A rear view of one of the two Syrian Army KrAZ 255B trucks.
A Syrian Army KrAZ 255B heading towards Beirut, October 2004.
Rear view of the same Syrian Army KrAZ 255B, October 2004.

4 thoughts on “Syrian KrAZ trucks

  1. Is there any real reason why your watermark has to be so large that it completely obscures the details in the Photograph?? I could understand if you took the pictures yourself and were selling them as prints online but for the purpose of reference on this website where the point is to show the photo, you foul it all up with this very large, very green, and unattractive watermark. I may be the first to mention this, but believe me I am not the only one who thinks this way. Nobody is going forget you if you made the watermark smaller.

    All the best,

  2. I think ED that you must thank Chadi and me, for posting these very rare photos, because we have risked our lives during Syrian occupation so you and many other guys would now enjoy these rare photos, you don’t realy know what does it mean to tke these photos at that time, i think many specialist who made books about the middle east , from the early 80s till now, are using the same few photos repeatedly, also many “smart” guys are using the same photos on many other websites or even in some publication, so we have all the rights to add the “big” “green” watermark , and you have to accept that, or just enjoy the old repeated photos in other publication.

    1. Samer,

      Thanks for your reply to my comment. OK I understand that you took the photos so maybe you feel that they should not be copied or printed by anybody that does not have your permission. If you feel so protective though, then why even post them? Maybe the Syrians can find you and kill you anyway. You seem to be taking a big chance by posting on the internet anything of a sensitive nature. If you want credit for your photos then put them in a book first and hope that some scumbag doesn’t just scan them and post on the net from your book.

      I frequent alot of websites, Arab and Israeli, for new photos all the time. Sometimes I see photos that I myself took (also at great risk) when I was in the middle-east during the 1973 war. Seldom was credit given to me for taking the photos, but this does not matter to me either. I am not writing a book and i feel that my old photos should be enjoyed by anybody that wants to see them.

      Anyway, that’s how I feel about it. If you post on the web, you no longer have control of how or where your photos will turn up. If you don’t like that, then better not to post anything and stay safe at home with no worries.

      Best Regards,
      Ed Okun (a fellow middle-east modeler)

  3. Samer,

    FYI, I bought your book “30 years military vehicles in Lebanon”. Outstanding effort on your part and a pleasure for us that enjoy seeing such rare photos. I paid the full price by the way.

    So again my question, if you already published a book full of rare photos and some unscrupulous people could scan your photos, (which you know some will do), then why make such efforts to get recognition here?
    I am interested to know your thoughts about this.
    Best regards,

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