Mleeta Memorial (1): The Remnants

At a distance of 25km from Sidon , South Lebanon, and at 1050 meters above sea level, in a area overlooking most  of the southern region, was created for about now more than a year a memorial of resistance. The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon, terrorists for some, heroes for others, decided to build “Resistance Tourist Landmark”.

The site is divided into four main parts: The Abyss, The Path, The Weaponry and The Tower. We will emphasis on the Abyss first then the Weaponry.

The Abyss is a place with a vortex shape where war trophies have been put in an artistic manner to represent victory. The vehicles are remnants of the old South Lebanese Army militia in its biggest part.

Some of these vehicles are shown below:

The remains of a Makmat 160mm
An M50 APC, the Soltam M60 160mm mortar doesn't belong to that Sherman but to the Makmat placed next to it.
Another view of the Makmat 160mm

Other views of the same M50 APC

The remains of a Tiran 55

A very realistic Mock up of a Merkava IV

The remains of a Bardehlas
The remains of a Kasman
The remains of an M151A2 MUTT

The remains of an M3 based Half-track

The remains of an M5/M9 based half-track

The remains of an uparmored M809 series based truck.

The remains of an Obusier de 155mm Modèle 50

2 thoughts on “Mleeta Memorial (1): The Remnants

  1. Dear Chadi,

    Once again, I would like to congratulate you for your great job on this website. Keep it up!!!

    I believe that the up-armoured M35 on this page is not an M35, but rather an M813 5-ton truck. Note the 10-lug front wheel and the cargo bin with its shorter first rectangle. Apparently, the cabin has been reworked and the air filter on the left side deleted. The vehicle is an M813 and NOT an M54 by the angled front grille, shown broken on this vehicle.

    I hope my note helps, please correct me if I am wrong.

    My best,

    1. Hello Dear Nabil,

      You are right my friend it is what is left from an ex-IDF Up-Armored M809 series truck. We can find the same armored cabin in Samer Kassis book “30 years…” photo number 417 on page 117 depicting an armored M809 series based truck.

      Take care,

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