Neptune Thunder, Season 3, Episode 2

“On 14 April 2011, the Force Commande Reserve (FCR) of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) held jointly with the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), the firing exercise at sea “Neptune Thunder” on Naqoura heights, UNIFIL’s headquarters.

All units of FCR put into action their weapons, including the 155mm CAESAR Self-Propelled Artillery System, 12.7mm machine guns mounted on the VBL, the 20mm guns on VAB and 25mm on VBCI (armored infantry fighting). The 8th Mechanized Brigade of the LAF, equipped with 155mm M198 howitzers and M113 APCwith their 12.7 mm machine guns, made​​, for its part, shooting with a remarkable precision.

Military from Spain, Portugal and Korea also took part in the exercise of fire at sea with their own weapons.

Throughout the exercise, Mistral missiles and Cobra radar were deployed for aerial surveillance of the zone of fire.”

French UNIFIL CAESAR Self-Propelled Artillery Systems firing at the Sea.
A Lebanese Army M113A2 of the 8th Mechanized Brigade during the exercise.
French UNIFIL VBL, VBCI VCI and a VBCI VPC vehicles.
A French UNIFIL VBCI VCI during the exercise.
A french UNIFIL VBCI VCI preceding a VBCI VPC.

Source: Ministère de la Défense


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