AuF-1, AMX-10P and VABs Left Lebanon.

“On February 14, 2011 in the port of Beirut, five 155mm SPG AUF1 were shipped back to France.

The logistical operation was initiated on February 7, with the departure of a first convoy of  AUF1 and AMX10P from Deir Kifa to Beirut. This logistical operation has been led by the logistics and logistics multi-functional unit detachment.

The AUF1 that equipped the Quick Reaction Force (QRF) were replaced by the CAESAR SPAS, arrived in Lebanon on January 18, 2011. The  AMX10P were replaced by 14 VBCIs, arrived in Lebanon on September 17, 2011.”

A UNIFIL AMX AuF-1 in Beirut Seaport departing for France.
A UNIFIL AMX AuF-1 being prepared for shippment. The other vehicles are a TRM 10000 CLD and a Renault G290 6x4 Citerne.
Two UNIFIL AMX-10Ps and a VAB onboard ready to be brought back home.
The CAESAR Self-Propelled Artillery System replacing the AMX AuF-1 in UNIFIL colors.


Source: Ministère de la Défense

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