Army & Police Intervention In Egypt

One of the first captures of the Egyptian Armed Forces Intervention in Egypt, a Walid APC seen in Cairo. (Al-Jazeera)
Egyptian Army Republican Guard Fahd 280-30 IFV w/BMP-2 turret in the streets of Cairo, Jan 28 2001. (AP Photo/Victoria Haou/Daylife) (thanks Chris)
Another view of the Egyptian Army Republican Guard Fahd IFV. (AP Photo/Victoria Hazou/Daylife)
(AP Photo/Victoria Hazou/Daylife)

Egyptian Military Police Fahd 240 in Cairo Jan 28. (EFE/Khaled ElFiqi)(thanks Chris)
(EFE/Khaled ElFiqi)
An Egyptian Police Armored Iveco Daily in Cairo January 28, 2011. (EFE/Mohamed Omar)
(EFE/Amel Pain)


5 thoughts on “Army & Police Intervention In Egypt

  1. The Fahds are from the Republican Guard (red/blue license plate), and the Walid is probably from the Ministry of Defense’s National Guard, which uses older equipment — within minutes of rolling down the Nile Corniche, one of them had already broken down (CNN)!

  2. More great photos, thanks! The camouflaged Fahds are Army Military Police.
    For more information on the Iveco armored vans and other Central Security Forces photos, I happen to have just written a book on the topic…. Google “Egyptian Police Vehicles”

  3. Yes I saw the comments on your book on Armorama. It comes as a happy coincidence. I will look forward to get a copy. All the best for your book Chris.

  4. Good job as usual Chadi.
    As the Iveco Eurocargo, the C.S.F armored Iveco Daily are relativly new, they have replaced the old Fiat-Iveco 55 armored trucks. I wonder if the old Magirus Deutz and IFA W50 trucks are still in service.
    Notice that in the 1990s, the CSF also used a very interesting version of the Al-Walid APC, with an armored compartment. I was very suprised to see at first the Egyptian Army Fahd, and not the riot version used by the police.
    Chris, thanks for the clarification about the Military Police and the Republican Guard. A book about the Egyptian Police Vehicles, it’s a very good new.
    Best regards,

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