“A Summer of Fire in Lebanon”

For French language readers here is a recently published book written by General (2s) Alain Pellégrini, Commander of the UNIFIL from 2004 till 2007:

Un été de feu au Liban


Les coulisses d’un conflit annoncé

The book relates on a daily base what happened during the 34 days war in southern Lebanon. The author describes in a clear narrative way the details of the asymmetric war. General Pellégrini, being the first hand witness tells us everything, from how all that actually began with the Hezbollah ambush  and kidnapping of Israeli soldiers till what happened after the crisis, with the introduction of a new order in southern Lebanon. Someone can read in details  the conflict progress from day to day, the unknown actions of the peacekeepers to help south Lebanon people, the hidden strategies of the belligerents, what Israel really wanted, what was actually doing the Hezbollah, new combat tactics and unexpected losses and victories. Some nice testimonies on Lebanese soldiers are available as well. The book reveals also how major countries react to such crisis and how the UN  resisted to the pressure to withdraw UNIFIL.

A must have book written by a French military known to be one of the best connoisseurs of Lebanon A man approached by the Lebanese President Michel Sleiman, as soon as elected, to be one of his advisers after having discreetly advising the Lebanese armyduring the battle of Nar el-Bared in northern Lebanon in spring 2007 .

More details on the book are available in French on the editor’s webpage:



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