The QRF covers the tripartite meeting UNIFIL – Lebanon – Israel

“On November 29, 2010, a part of the Sol Air Très Courte Portée (SATCP) section based in Deir Kifa has been deployed to ensure aerial safety for the periodic Tripartite Meeting between Israel, Lebanon and the international force the United Nations in Lebanon (UNIFIL).

The SATCP section permanently ensures the aerial protection and monitoring for Deir Kifa camp. If necessary, it is also deployed to complete the security of specific events like the tripartite meeting. An NC1 40 Radar is notably used to detect aerial threats.

If necessary, the section is able to counter an air threat with both VAB’s 20mm guns and its Mistral missiles. The SATCP section is fully consistent with the UNIFIL mission of securing the area.”

A French UNIFIL VAB T-20/13
A French UNIFIL Mistral unit
A French UNIFIL NC1 40 MARTHA ACMAT 6.50 SH truck.

Source: Ministère de la Defense


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