Leclerc Left Lebanon

The Leclerc Tank left the Lebanese Soil after 4 years of presence in the southern part of the country.

“On December 14, 2010, 13 Leclerc tanks left Lebanon for France from the port of Beirut. This logistical operation, involving the multi-functional logistics unit and the Leclerc tank squadron, was initiated on December 7 with a first batch of tanks, convoyed on tank transporters (TRM 700 100) between Deir Kifa and Beirut.

The Leclerc  tank squadron was replaced by a reconnaissance, intervention and direct support squadron(ERIAD), giving the UNIFIL an additional capacity of field presence through its light and wheeled armored vehicles (VBL, PVP, VBCI and VAB).

This follows a field evolution goes forward in the context of adaptation and modernization of the French Army equipment South Lebanon.”



Source: Ministère de la Défense


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