Lebanon still waiting for its Leopard tanks purchased from Belgium


Belga 25.11.10 – 14:58


“Lebanon has taken delivery of a small number of used APCs sold by Belgium to strengthen its army, but still waiting for the 43 Leopard heavy tanks included in this sale, failing to grant permission from Germany, as was reported this thursday by the Belgian Ministry of Defence.

The sale was completed in December 2007, Lebanon finalized then the purchase of 71 used armored vehicles from Belgium for an amount of 4.442 million euros. The deal included 43 Leopard 1A5 for  3.312 million, sixteen armored tracked type AIFV (Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle) with 25 mm cannon for 900,150 euros and twelve M-113 armored ambulance version for 240,000 euros, as well as ammunition.

Twelve M-113A1 and sixteen AIFV have been delivered, confirmed a spokesman of the Belgian Department of Defense.

The sale was in fact approved by the United States, which issued a “Third party transfer authorization” since it was American-designed equipment.

However, delivery of the Leopard tanks has not occurred yet in the absence of licensing for export from Germany, the source said, The manufacturer of these tanks being the German company Krauss-Maffei.”



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