AIFV Live and in Scale

Today’s photos are for the Lebanese Army Maghaweer Regiment AIFV-B-C25 and it’s  1/35 scale replica.

Courtesy from Elite Group Lebanon. Photos are from Joseph Azrak, the man behind the Nahr el Bared TV Documentary.

Lebanese Army Maghaweer Regiment AIFV-B-C25s At their home Base.

Close-up view of the AIFV turret.


The Kit is based on the AFV Club's 1/35 YPR-765 SFOR, the most appropriate version of this model to convert it into a Lebanese Army AIFV-B-C25


Paints used are from Tamiya and Humbrol.


Weathered and filtered with Winsor & Newton and 502 Abteilung oil colours.

More photos on my Picasa Web Album.

2 thoughts on “AIFV Live and in Scale

    1. Hello Ghassan, I use two ways to do Lebanese License plates. Either by using a Clear Decal sheet A4 sheet or by using a very thin sticker. Here I used the second option.

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