Border Patrol

From October 18 to 22, the Leclerc tank squadron of the QRF (Quick Reaction Force – Quick Reaction Force) of UNIFIL has made armored patrols along the Blue Line, south of the zone of responsibility of the French battalion (BATFRA).

On October 18th, Leclerc tanks have been conducting joint patrols with the new Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle (Véhicule Blindé de Combat d’Infanterie)(VBCI) of BATFRA, a first for the French Army on a foreign theater of operations. Compatibility and complementarity of the two weapons systems have been validated in situ, in operational conditions.

Many equipement changes has been witnessed lately with the FRENCHBATT as new vehicles replaced older ones and other ones are to come. The main replacements and additional vehicles this year were the PVP and the VBCI. Next year will be the turn for the CAESAR Artillery system to join UNIFIL French Forces in South Lebanon. The retired vehicles will be the AMX-10P replaced by the VBCI (with rumors for the AMX-10Ps to be sold to the Lebanese Army), the AUF1 replaced by the CAESAR and  maybe the Leclerc tank.

The newly deployed VBCI on patrol with the Leclerc tank.
The French Army Leclerc tank in what maybe one of it's last patrol in Lebanon.
The Italian Army general Tota in front of the French Amy Leclerc Tank
Uparmored French Army VBLs going on patrol in south Lebanon.
UNIFIL Nepalese Army ZSL92A APC in a joint patrol with the French Army.

Source: Ministère de le Défense


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