Military Hardware in Lebanon

Before going any further in subjects related to military vehicles and aircrafts in the Middle East I wanted to take a break in order to present what I believe to be The bible of reference book on military hardware found in Lebanon these last decades.  This book “30 years of military vehicles in Lebanon 1975-2005” by Samer Kassis is meant to meet the demand of all people seeking information on vehicles used in that country during the civil war and beyond.  Its target audience can be modelers interested in that part of the world as well military hardware aficionados.

The book comes as two separate entities the first one being exclusively composed of photos and the second having the captions of the photos written in French and English. The photo book is referenced upon the different actors of the Lebanese civil war. We can found as such of course pictures of the Lebanese Army, the Syrian Army, the Israeli Army and the UNIFIL troops. Along the main Armies we can found most of the armed militias involved in that war, the Multinational Forces and the Arab Deterrent Force.

The book is composed of 680 photos showing all types of vehicles going from the smallest jeep to the biggest tank transporter including of course many types of tanks or technical.

The book represents a very strong reference for anybody interested in getting deeper knowledge about the Middle East military. The Author is to continue soon a series of books revealing even more interesting pictures and revelations. We will keep updating any further publication from Samer Kassis.

Sample Pages:

P.S.: The book can be found in France at Blast Models


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